Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fibers Thru Time 2008

I never did get around to writing up the fabulous time I had at Fibers Through Time 2008, but here are the photo albums from the event.

The Gallery of items submitted for the juried show - I'm sorry - the captions are still not entered. I'm working on it slowly

Photos all over the event

The workshops - the output of the participants was gorgeous and the examples brought by the workshop instructors were amazing.

Monday, May 12, 2008

New Socks

I have been working on this pair of socks for it seems like forever. It's the same stitch pattern - crocus bud - as my portland souvenir are, but I just got so tired of it.

I got the yarn last year at OFFF from some indie dyer, but have lost the band and have no clue what it's called or who dyed it - sorry.

I think I remember that it's a wool bamboo blend - it has a softness and sheen to it that is very very nice.

Here it is on my new sock blockers that I got from Bobbie in Portland - founding member of the PDX knit bloggers group and new spinner.

And an action shot - how long can a plump grandma stand on her toes before falling over? Taken by Fred at Tempe Yarn and Fiber - that's where I go to sew in my ends on FOs.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Little Scare

Ok, so I take my health for granted. I rarely get sick and when I do go to the doc - all my tests are normal for my age and weight.

On Tuesday at work I was sitting in a project review meeting with my whole team and my chest started to really feel tight. I've felt a milder form of this before - I think it's related to heartburn or acid reflux. I got up from the meeting, went to my desk and got a Zantac, and took it with a glass of water - that's always taken care of this before.

I went back to my meeting and my chest was still really tight - starting to hurt pretty bad - I realised that one of my co-workers was asking if I was alright. Instead of saying "yeah, I'm ok" which truely was what I was going to say - I think I said "no, I don't think so"

To make a long story shorter - I ended up on the couch in the quiet room until the pretty firefighters and EMTs came to take me away to the hospital. I spent the night and all of yesterday getting checked out. We did a full cardio workup and from all we were able to determine - it's probably not my heart.

I'm on a different proton pump blocker and will follow up with my PCP next week.

The cardio doc and I talked about two different things - What is causing the current pain and how to keep it from being my heart.

We are starting with the new proton pump in inhibitor - if I go the whole two week therapy without any more pain - that will tell us that it's gastro in nature and we can treat that. If I do have the pain again during treatment - then we have to do some more tests - perhaps an endoscope to look at the esophagus or a heart cath to see what the heart is doing in more detail.

My cholesterol is on the high side of normal and he wants me to start walking a couple of times a week - to get my heart rate up a little - he thinks that will bring the cholesterol right down to where it needs to be. That's going to be the hard part.