Monday, January 08, 2007

It's been a while

My computer is still on the fritz and I have not been good about writing.

I have a number of pictures to upload, I don't know why I have been putting it off.

The blue version of the Forest Canopy Shawl is done, blocked and put away, all without one picture. The green striped one is almost done - I hope to take a photo when it's blocking.

The cruise is less than 3 weeks away now and we are planning the luggage to take. I have to determine which projects to take - the Little Gem is the wheel that is going along. I just have to figure out what fiber I want to spin. I have over a pound of fiber to spin for mom's sweater, I could take that. I also have some gorgeous dyed silk that I am thinking of taking. It will take hours and hours to spin, but I don't know if the humidity will be an issue.

As for knitting. I will look in my stash for some handspun sock yarn and start a souvenier sock. I have the blue ones from last years trip and my red ones from SOAR. I think memory socks is a wonderful idea. I will also take a lace project - I am thinking that I need to try another pattern for lace now that I have the Forest Canopy Shawl pattern memorized. I still have the cobweb yarn that I dyed at SOAR that I want to knit into a shawl. I have to find the perfect pattern for it. I also have another skein of the chocolate polworth and silk that needs to be turned into something beautiful.

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Cate K said...

Are you on your cruise now? Thanks for the encouraging note on my weight loss on my blog. This is a very difficult challenge for me, but one I must do to regain healthy knees and back. Looking forward to seeing pictures when you get to it! Your work is so good. I can only aspire to such skill!