Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Socks for my sister

This is a chain plyed BFL dyed by Spunky Electric that I spun up last year. It knit up so nicely for these socks. I used my toe up recipe and did an interesting pattern on the instep and legs.

It's a K2P2 rib for 3 rows and then 2 rows of plain knit - repeated

This gave an interesting texture to the socks and made them very stretchy - I didn't get a close up of the pattern, but should have.

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Knitman said...

I really like this colourway and the texture.
Oh and the reason I like apso is because they are not 'ankle biters'. Big dogs inside little bodies. It is said theuy house the souls of Tibetans waiting to be reincarnated. Easy enough to believe when you know these dogs!