Friday, October 12, 2007

SOAR 2007 - Day one

It feels strange to be blogging about SOAR when I haven't written anything up about OFFF from last month, but here goes anyway.

I arrived on Wednesday - I have only attended the retreat portion of SOAR so far and this year is no different. I like to get here the day before check in so that I am already settled in and know my way around when the market opens Thursday Mornings. Yes, one of the major draws for me is the shopping. Now that I know that the number of vendors here is is much less than OFFF or other major fiber festivals - I think the shopping will be a much less important part of the trip.

Actually that is exactly what happened yesterday. All day to shop the market and I came away with much less than ever before. I bought a couple of spindles, two more bobbins for the WW on my Gem, a couple of small doo dads and only two rovings. That's right - only two. One of them was one of the gorgeous Cashmere/silk dyed rovings that I got from Carolina Homespun at OFFF. Perhaps now that I have two of them, I may work up my courage to actually spin one.

I met some wonderful people at dinner Wednesday evening. Connie and Steve from Spindlewood Spindles. Steve makes square spindles and they are gorgeous. He and I talked about custom spindles so now I have to ask D's son if he still has any of that Koa wood that we sent him from Hawaii.

I've run into Janel, Patty and Morgaine - so nice to see people again from last year. Stephanie and I have bumped into each other a couple of times also. Last night I was in line to use the ladies room and she was struggling with the latch on the stall she was in. I told her that it would be on the internet by morning and here it is.....

I was able to sign up for all the classes I want and will actually take my camera with me today so that my next post may have photos.

It's nice and cool here, I get to wear my sock and my shawls. Yippee.


elizabeth said...

Oooh, have fun! Can't wait to hear about the classes you take!

Tiggywinkle Knits said...

Sounds like heaven! Can't wait to hear more! But, goodness, only two rovings? You must have had jet lag!

MonicaPDX said...

Oh yeah, classes - whee, that'll be fun hearing about! And you saw more of that luscious silk/Cashmere and only got one?! Ohmy. I sort of keep wishing I'd gotten one just to pet, although that'd be purely wasteful...

Hope your classes go really well and you have a nice, relaxing time!