Thursday, December 13, 2007

Catching up

Ok, there's a lot going on in my family and around my house...

I'm going to try and catch you all up in one post with lots of pictures.

Halloween - we had lots of kids this year - went thru 2 large bags of candy and had to shut our porch light out at 8 pm. Here's a cute pic of Summer and Zach - niece and nephew

I finished three shawls.
Another brown handspun Forest Canopy for my sister Juanita,

a commercial yarn Forest Canopy for Mom,

and my Kiri out of handspun exotics for me me me.

Here are some gratuitous cat pron... We have 4 cats - a 14 year old long haired calico - Cameo - my sweet old gal.

Two adults - Candy

and Stormy,

and a youngster - Baker Baker.

Here's a shot of them all on the bed at once - this rarely happens. Cameo is picky and doesn't like any of the others to come close to her.

Here's the reason we bought the new couch - Maegan and Sarah spend the night at our house almost every other weekend - this new couch gives them both room to sleep on it

The couch also got put to good use on Thanksgiving - the reclining feature was appreciated by all - my son and some of the girls

My mom and a couple of sisters

The kids had a good time at Thanksgiving - look at them playing fort under the table.

I have to finish the last minute details for my sons wedding this weekend. I'll probably have more updates soon.


fibergal said...

Love the Kiri. And really nice blocking boards. You really made nice with those fibers.

Fudge said...

Wow, there is so much family resemblence in these photos that my eyes are popping out. What a big guy your son is. --Fudge

Anonymous said...

Candy looks a LOT like my cat Rui (Ruidosa). Rui was abandoned in Nevada. I wonder if they are relatives...