Monday, April 23, 2007

Been a long time

It's been over a month since my last entry and I have a lot to blog about. My niece's Cinderella birthday party, easter, pretty growing things in the garden and new yarns - however today is about Knit Camp.

Some of the members of the GLB-knit group that I belong to got together over the weekend in Vermont to hang out and knit together.

Oh my gosh - what a great time it was. The flights were on time, even though I was in a 40 seat prop job for one leg of the flight. The weather was amazing and the people I met felt like family that I had not seen in a long time.

I have a bunch of photos to share - they can be found here.

Here is the text of the post I made from the Albany airport on my way home:

Well, Fudge just dropped me off at the Albany Airport for my trip home from glb knit camp.
What a wonderful couple of days. It was great meeting everyone. It felt like a school reunion - I wasn't really sure how people would look and felt a feeling of familiarity even when meeting someone for the first time. It felt like old friends after a long time apart.

Ray's yarns were wonderful and the alpaca that Mel and David brought is amazing. I learned the mobieus cast on from Witt and demo'd the figure 8 cast on for toe up socks. I learned the patch toe for toe ups from Duffy.

Sarah and Jeri are full of fun, Jenny and Deanna have wonderful soothing energy - I just could have sat in their presence for hours.

Much much thanks to Sadia and Ann for pulling this together.

Wonderful Melissa accomplished miracles with food for all of us.

I can't wait to see Duffy again - another great reason to head to Portland every chance I get.

Melissa Scott - I restrained myself and didn't act like a star struck fan in front of her - thank all the gods there are.

And the boys - what can you say about the boys but how great it felt to have their gentle male energy - Witt, Gary, Lou, Mel and David - I have missed having queer men in my life and you all felt so familiar.

it was great to meet Joy, Susan, Pamela too.

I have to thank Fudge for schlepping me back and forth to the airport and for being my friend. It's always easier to go somewhere when I know there's at least one person who knows me and who I know likes me already. Then I can be brave with strangers who might not like me.

Thanks to all who came - those who didn't missed a great time.

I'll catch up later with everything else that's been happening.

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Diane In Chico, CA said...

Great pictures, Barbara! Thanks for the report.