Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival

Yes, another trip to Portland this year! Yippee - this makes the third one so far. The 21st of September I am flying into Portland and then Melissa and I will go to the festival on Saturday. I will probably also be there on Sunday, depending on the workshop I take Saturday.

Melissa has to work on Friday, so I am looking forward to a little running around Portland, perhaps getting together with a couple of friends, purchasing sock yarn (the Koigu KPPPM at Knit Purl better watch out) and in general loving being in Portland.

So, any of my Portland friends, drop me a comment if you want to get together on Friday.


Bobbie said...

Don't think I can do Friday, but I do want to meet up at OFFF. I bought a drop spindle and some roving last weekend. And it's painfully obvious that I need hands on help!

MonicaPDX said...

I'll probably be resting in anticipation on Friday [g], but woohoo, Judy of Persistent Illusion and I will be there Saturday, too! I'm planning to be very bad. Encouragement to be bad gratefully accepted. ;)