Saturday, September 01, 2007

Re-organizing day

I finally started setting up the back bedroom to be my fiber prep room. I put up the two new tables, got out the drum carder and started sorting thru the 35+ bins to sort the yarn, ready to spin fiber, and fiber to be prepped.

I have moved the fiber to be prepped into the back room and will start going thru the yarn and ready to spin fiber this afternoon. I'm hoping to take some pics of my handspun yarns and put them into Ravelry.

I have been itching to work with my drum carder lately and been discouraged at the thought of having to put it away every time someone wants to use the dining room table. Being able to leave it set up and in the middle of a project really makes it more productive.

I am thinking that I want to card up some sweater size (16-20 ounce) batches for sale. That take time and space that I did not really have up until now.

More later with photos.

1 comment:

Bobbie said...

35 bins isn't a "stash"; it's an LYS waiting for a sign! Of course, if you run out of room, I'd be happy to "store" some for you. ;)