Monday, August 14, 2006

I started out with the same 3 colors of cotswold as the last batch, and the same white Romney (yes it really is that shiny) with the intention of doing a much larger batch than I usually do.
Here are the fibers carded into their starting batts. The really dark one is actually a deep purple - very cool color.

I then divided the colors into 12 piles. I decided that I would use the light purple in each batch, but do 8 of the batts with the pinky purple and 4 of them with the dark purple. This way all 12 batts go together, but there is some variety in them.

I didn't use any silk or glitz in this batch, but they really turned out well anyway.

Here are all 12 batts (almost 12 ounces) rolled into cinnamon bun shape and stuffed into a bag. (I love these zipper closing bags) You can see the difference in the batts using the pinky purple vs the ones with the dark purple.

I like this, but putting together a batch of this many batts that go together was harder than just doing 3 sets of 4. Posted by Picasa

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