Monday, August 21, 2006

prep work

I carded a lot this weekend - but mostly just prep work. I like to card each of the fibers I am blending into 1/2 ounce batts before putting the colors/fibers together.

This weekend was a lot of that type prep. I have an idea about a set of greens that I would like to card up, perhaps to make DeVia that vest she has been hinting about. I have 3 different groups of green cotswold that would spin up very nicely at a worsted or bulky weight. Similar to the yarn I spun for Belinda's vest (that I never finished).

I caved this weekend and frogged Maegan's shrug. Her mom knit up a very cute one in another skein of my yarn. Jessica now wants one out of the salvaged yarn. I have it drying to get the kinks out of it. I may cast on for that this evening.

Juanita snagged two more skeins of yarn tonight - one for a shrug for Sarah and one for herself. The one for herself was a single and I ended up plying it back on it's self so that she could work with it a little easier.....

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