Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday - First week back - whew!

Well, the first week back and I survived. Work has been interesting. Lot's going on and perhaps some changes coming. I got some good feedback from a trusted source about the client's opinion of me and their valuation of my contribution. That made me feel good.

Sometimes I wonder when (if) people are going to realize that I'm not really as great as they think I am - cause I am such a good pretender. After a kick in the A--, I accept that I am good at what I do, I add value to the projects I work on - and the whole "pretender" thing is old f--ked up thinking that trys to get me sick again. I can catch this whole action pretty quickly now, but it used to affect me for days.

It's so good with my son right now. I wish it could stay like this all the time - and maybe it can. He's working and seeing a great gal. I know that success takes work. D and his g/f said something last night about how much he loves me - how much being here means to him. I know it's so important to me. He kisses me goodbye before he leaves for work in the morning. OK, that may not seem like such a big deal, but it is to me.

From Blog photos

I have not started blocking the purple shawl so I thought I would share the pics of the green silk that I finished spinning on the cruise. Hard to get a true to color photo indoors with the flash, but the top photo above is closest to the right color on my monitor.

From Blog photos

Here is the next spinning project - This is superwash I got from Royale Hare at SOAR '06. It's spinning up pretty fine - not sure exactly what I will use it for, but I have 12 ounces of it.

I also finished plying the blue yarn for Mom's sweater last night. There is 16 ounces of it. I still need to spin up the multicolored yarn for that project and haven't even started it. I am still debating whether to re-dye the roving or not.

Guild was very interesting on Wednesday. Mary Walker gave a great presentation on Navajo rugs and weavers, then she evaluated Navajo rugs that people brought in. Very cool.

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Ted said...

Royale Hare's top is really nice to spin. Watch out for dye crocking, though. The last batch I spun up (albeit, 2 years ago) took about a month, and I always had purple hands after spinning!