Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another Finished Object

or rather two of them - socks count for two - right?

Here is the pair of socks that I started on my trip to Mom's right before Mother's day weekend. I started the second sock on my trip to Portland to see the Yarn Harlot. She said that she liked the yarn - it's from Ray. The stitch pattern is an offset rib with a couple of knit rows between - like this k2 p2 across for 3 rows, k two rows plain, p2 k2 across for 3 rows, k two rows plain. figure 8 cast on with 12 stitches and a YO short row heel down to 12 stitches and then back up.

It's my generic sock formula with a pattern stitch on the instep and leg.

I finished the socks last night at the guild meeting and cast on for a new pair immediately. This new color is very intense and I think I am keeping them for myself.

I'm trying to figure out what kind of pattern to do on the instep of this one.


Diane in Chico, CA said...

I like the way the broken rib breaks up the bold color strips. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Socks count as two for sure! Beautiful.

Dharma said...

Very cool socks.

Bobbie said...

Of course socks count for 2! Isn't that the pair you were working on at Powells? Very nice! Check my blog out; we started a Yahoo group for Portland Knit Bloggers because there were so many of us at Powells that night. We're trying to arrange a meet-up; wish you could join us. :(

Bobbie said...

Next time you're in PDX, we'll make you an honorary member of the knit blogger tribe!

Poppy Flower Fibers said...

Hi there!

I read back through your blog and saw that you took a Deb Menz class sometime last year. I just purchased a Pat Green and have her book, but of course would love to take a drum carding class. I'm not certain when she'll be around these parts next, but was wondering if you knew if her video, "Fiber Preparation and Multicolor Blending Techniques" covers what you learned in class. Here is a description from her website:

"This video introduces many ways to prepare fiber for spinning, using both drum carder and combs. The focus is how to use fibers that have already been dyed to create multi-colored yarns. It starts with drum carding "101" on how to effectively choose and use a drum carder. Then it's on to blending colors to create new colors. Learn how to get predictable results, to blend luxury fibers, and to create multi-colored drum-carded batts so the colors stay clear and bright. Multi-colored rovings can also be created using combs. By using already combed and dyed wool top, the multi-colors will be created in a multi-step process of color arrangement on wide combs or hackles. Designing plied yarns concludes this workshop."

Thanks in advance!
Poppy Flower Fibers

Poppy Flower Fibers said...

Thanks, Barbara!!

That helps a lot. I'm definitely going to get the video...I just can't wait!!!

Cate K said...

Love your socks. I'm working on some purple ones just now. Will post pictures today.