Monday, June 04, 2007

New Work Space

My son is moved out - they have taken possession of the new townhouse and I really think they like it.

Besides missing him, this means that we have resumed discussions of what to do about a work space for me. I have the wall o' stash, (that photo was over a year ago -you know the wall is bigger now) I need space to put my drum carder and spread carding/blending projects out. I haven't produced any spinning batts for months.

We are talking about taking out the wall between our two small bedrooms, turning that area into one large room with space for the computer server and printer and plenty of room for me to work.

I've ordered two of these, to start with.

I may start using the bigger room before we move ahead with the demolition. It all depends on how fast I think the project is really going to be done.

I'll have pics when it gets busy around here.

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Holly Schwendiman said...

Oh the ever growing dilema of where to stash our stuff. I feel your pain. I'm glad to hear that things sound like they're moving ahead in good ways for your son. Hope you're doing well.