Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Part 1 - Sea World trip

We had such a good time. D, her granddaughter, my sister Juanita and all three of Juanita's children rented a mini van and drove to San Diego to spend 2 days at Sea world and get some beach time.

Here are the first set of pictures from the swimming with Dolphins event that we did.
All five of us in the water to stroke the underside of the dolphin. The 18 year old did not want to do this event, so I got to do it again. It was just as much fun this time as it was in Hawaii. These pictures do not show how cute my hair cut is - cause I had to take the combs out of it and it's pretty funky looking in these shots.

My beautiful sister Juanita.

Princess Maegan

Shawnee had a great time on this trip. It's the first time that we have spent more than just a few hours with her and we really think she had fun.

Sarah looks so natural in the wet suit. She had lots of questions to the trainer about how to work with the animals.

All five of us, giving a signal to the dolphin.


Holly Schwendiman said...

Love the pictures! That looks like so much fun!


Bobbie said...

Isn't it fabulous to swim with dolphins? I was in a group of adults; I bet with kids it's an absolute blast!