Monday, September 11, 2006

Juanita's picks

My sister Juanita came over today and we went thru all my handspun yarns looking for the perfect yarn for Mom's shrug.
Of course, as we looked at each skein, Nita put aside the ones she really liked for other projects too. Here are the skeins she picked out that I was willing to let go.

From the left I will give the fiber the yarn was spun from and source:

  • merino tencel blend roving from Winderwood on ebay,
  • yellow cotswold locks from Frene Creek,
  • orange cotswold locks from Frene creek,
  • superwash merino roving dyed by Maegan and Sarah during a fun day at my house,
  • blue merino & tencel roving from The Fiber Factory here in Mesa,
  • BFL roving from Spunky Electric (this was one of the fiber of the month selections),
  • and that little bit of dark blue on the far right is the remainder of a skein that was mostly alpaca with some wool, silk, & firestar that is a combo of commercial yarn and hand spun.
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eyeknit4u said...

Barbara, i know i've been out of touch for a while.. especially since i only just got back from my cross country trek to get my beloved car!! anyway i noticed the post about your fiber room.. wowo i want to come and play at your house this weekend too :-) well maybe later rather than sooner.. and who knows between you and Alicia i might have to start spinning after all !! :-) toodles and i hope you can make it tomorrow nite at Rich Aroma:-) Karola

Juanita said...

hee hee hee...all mine....