Monday, September 25, 2006

Spinning the polworth

This does not show the color or fineness of the yarn very well - I started out thinking that I might use this for the longest thread competition, but each sample I've spun is a maximum of 125 yards to 10 grams. Not nearly fine enough to even place in the top 10.

I decided that I would keep spinning this very fine. I think that I can ply it either back on itself or with a very fine silk thread.

I am torn between plying it on itself and using it as weft to weave a twill fabric with the grey polworth/silk/ alpaca/cashmere yarn I spun earlier this year, or to ply it with silk and knit a beautiful drapey shawl with it. A dark green and purple silk thread would be gorgeous with this dark charcoal yarn. Posted by Picasa

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