Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Spinning Fire

I like this color combo. It's yellow & red cotswold, orange wool from an ebay purchase and some of the white romney that I like so much. There's a little flash in there too.

Rolling the batts up like this takes up more room than the cinnamon bun way, but it really shows off the color more.

They are harder to store this way, more care has to be taken when moving them.

This is 6 ounces of a one pound batch that I am working on. I may put it up for trade on Friday on spindlers or take the leap and actually put it on ebay to see what the market thinks of my work. Posted by Picasa


knit twits said...

I love the colours.
I don't know enough about spinning and dyeing, but I know what I like, and I can imagine something rather wonderful with those colours.

rita said...

Hi Barbara--couldn't figure out your email so...check out my etsy store at

roving of the month:

op said...

What are you going to ask for it? I would love it if I could afford it!! op