Saturday, September 09, 2006

spinning fire - finished

Here are all 16 of the batts for this group. I am really liking the way rolling the batts up this way shows off the colors. They take up a lot of room this way - this is only one pound of fiber, but it completely fills a large plastic zip around comforter bag.

I sure hope Ellen sends me pictures of the finished yarn she makes from this.

I've started the next group - it's going to be greens and this same yellow. Posted by Picasa


rita said...

barbara--these are GORGEOUS. Are you dyeing or blending pre-dyed wool? beautiful color combos!
rita n/

Barbara said...

Rita, thank you for your kind words, these combos are from dyed cotswold locks from Frene Creek with a little white romney blending in to add some bounce to the cotswold.

Robin said...

BEAUTIFUL batts!!! These are great. Love the way you have them rolled. I would like seeing the yarn she produces, also.