Monday, December 04, 2006

Computer Woes

I have been pretty much offline for quite a while now due to one of the nasty cats pissing on the keyboard of my laptop. I can do some functions, but basically it's not usable.

I have another computer in the office - a huge old slow desktop that I really hate, but between the two of them I can get some of my draft posts completed today.

I took the day off work as I have to burn thru some of my PTO before the end of the year. We switched to a use it or lose it policy for time off and I had quite a bit accumulated prior to the change. I get 25 days PTO per year and another 4-5 days of personal holidays. I had at least 15 days on the books at the start of the year so I've gotten creative at using up vacation time.

Next year I will have to use the rest of my legacy time of 10 days in addition to the 29 days for 2007. I have been sitting down and planning days off for the whole year - mostly around fiber retreats and festivals. I'll have the time off - now I have to save for the events themselves.

The first vacation will start January 26th and last until February 11th - we are taking a 15 day cruise to Hawaii. 4 days at sea, 5 days around the islands, 4 days back to Mexico and then back to Los Angeles. I have never been on a cruise and I am desperately trying to figure out how I can pack 15 days worth of spinning and knitting - (not to mention books) in luggage I can actually carry. LOL - D will probably only need one of her checked bags, I can use hers too.


The Spindling Scot said...

Fibre survival, plan for half the trip, mail home finished items when you are in Hawaii, buy yarny goodness while you are there for the knitting on the trip home!

I'm jealous, what a great way to use up the holidays, just to make it even more green monsterish, it's not a knitting cruise is it? I hear Stitch N Bitch are doing them.

Bad Cat!

Rissa said...

Lordy....I had a cat barf into a laptop, but never pee....that must be miserable. :-(

I hope you get to enjoy your time off! Always better to use it than lose it. :-)

Sande Francis said...

Mail it home! I went to NZ and AU and mailed stuff home at every stop. Most of it got home before me, except for the clothes I sent home at the end - they never showed up! I hope you have a good time on your long cruise - sounds like you deserve it.

DeVia said...

We could mail the stuff to your brother, then mail back the enroute stuff when we get there.