Monday, December 18, 2006

Knitters without Borders

Once again the Yarn Harlot has challenged knitters to step up and put our money where our heart is... hmm somehow that didn't come out right.

Please take a look at this post and consider giving to this great cause - even if just a little bit in this holiday season. Paraphrasing Steph - each of our donations is a small stitch amoung many and each stitch is necessary to the whole.


The Spindling Scot said...

Hi Barbara
The Tri loom will be big enough don't worry, my 7ft tri loom(extendable) is only half extended to make it easier to block. I hope you are enjoying your lace shawl too :-)
I have signed up for the French MSF donate a £1 a week, that way they can reclaim my tax and get more money. They do a lot of good work, I came across them while working with the Red Cross.

Dharma said...

I am planning a donation, small as it will be. I haven't been in the position to give to anyone for about a year, and am just barely able now but it's the right thing.