Saturday, December 16, 2006

Knit from your Stash 2007

Wendy has started a Knit from your Stash 2007 idea and I am going to participate.

My own little twist to the rules is that I will also spin from my stash. The two exemptions are fiber bought at fiber festivals and my monthly fiber of the month club package.

Otherwise I will attempt to knit and spin from stash from January until September.


wendy1257 said...

Good luck!

The Spindling Scot said...

Good idea! Does that mean people can swop stash too?

Anonymous said...

But what of gifted fibers and fleeces?!!! Would ya turn those down? Shearing season is just 3 months away :-) Me thinks you need a llama fleece or 2!

Rissa said...

I have already been on an austerity program. This must have hit a nerve because I have seen posts about it on many of my favorite blogs. :-)