Thursday, December 14, 2006

NO fiber content whatsoever

I saw a great quote today on another blog about consequences and it struck home for me today especially.

My 34 year old son has been living with me since he was released from prison last August and recently he stopped doing what he was supposed to do. You know - see his parole officer once a week, keep a job... etc.

It's always hard to watch those we love act in a way that we know will bring them nothing but trouble and will break our hearts. I know this first hand

Just a little while ago I got a call from D saying that my son was in an accident and she was going to see what he needed. Still not sure what happened, but the police ran his record and his parole officer already had a warrant for his arrest out there - so back to prison he went.

I am destroyed......


Anonymous said...

It's sad when you watch someone slide downhill and can do nothing. But it's yourself you have to look after. You can't do his side of it. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

Elabeth said...

All you can do is let him know that when he is ready to climb out of the hole he's digging you'll still be there. Then you wait. It's sad and it sucks, but yeah. You probably already knew that.
Sending you good vibes...

Holly Schwendiman said...

Oh Barbara, I'm so sorry. The system can sure make it hard for anyone to "recover". Sending you prayers and hugs today. ;o)

Holly's Corner

janel said...


I'm so sorry for your pain. I hope your son only has to stay a short while to learn this lesson. I am sending you all positive thoughts and wishes. At least he didn't make anything worse by trying to run from the scene of the accident or anything. I hope he wasn't hurt in the accident?

Dharma said...

This sort of stuff is so hard. I am sorry you are struggling with this.