Monday, December 04, 2006

Holiday presents finished

when I was at SOAR, I purchased a couple of kits from Lambspun for their "One Ball Shawl" the kit had all these fun fur and other novelty yarns in it and was wound in a ball with each yarn tied to the next. It was like knitting a surprise. I knit both of those up and gave them to my two younger sisters

This past weekend, I was at the craft store looking for some "unnamed items" for a couple of holiday presents and saw the novelty yarns all stacked up and decided to make my own kits for holiday presents. I bought about 10 skeins all different types, mainly browns. At home, I divided them up. some skeins into 3 parts, some into 4 - depending on the number of yards in the skein and how I liked the color or texture. Then I sorted those little bits into 7 piles and then arranged it so each pile had the colors and textures in a "different from all the rest but pleasing" sequence.

I started knitting one of the kits in the everyday - cast on three and increase 4 every other row - triangle shawl that Sarah is modeling below. That came out so well, I immediately cast on for Maegan's poncho. The girls loved them so much that they took them home with them instead of waiting for the holiday party.

The scarf to the right is for one of the other nieces and I knit it out of one of the kits too.

I still have 4 kits left - I am going to knit D's granddaughter a scarf and perhaps my mom and sister in Missouri.

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Ann C. said...

Those shawls are really cute. I can seen making a couple of them for family presents and a couple for myself. I hate to wear coats so a shawl is nice. Thanks for telling us about them.
Ann Carpenter in Dallas, Texas