Thursday, November 02, 2006

SOAR shopping

The market opened at 9 am sharp and it was like a feeding frenzy. Once again, I felt the space for vendors was too small. The booths were very crowded and it was hard to look at everything.

But persevere I did, and came away with many many goodies. This is truly the year for browns for me as you will be able to see as soon as I get home. I did not bring the camera USB cord and this laptop does not have the little port for my camera memory card.

Some will not be posted here yet as they are gifts, but a list of the haul so far includes:
  • 2 lbs washed polworth fleece in a gorgeous deep brown from Rovings
  • 3 different colors of alpaca From McKenzie Alpaca Breeders
  • 3 superwash braids in browns and oranges from Royale Hare
  • 4 ounces of dyed tussah - again - brown and oranges from Nebo Rock Textiles
  • 2 braids of superwash merino/tencel from Chameleon Colorworks
  • 2 braids of green/yellow purple optim from Chameleon colorworks
  • Toni at The Fold had some amazing cashmere - I got 3 different blends of cashmere from her
  • 2 four ounce bumps of cashmere/alpaca/merino from Shirley at Lambspun. There was more I wanted from her, but it was so crowded.

The market will also be open after check in at 1 this afternoon, but I may be shopped out. I think I want one of the shawl kits from Lambspun and that may be it for me.

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Rissa said...

I am pea green with envy. Honestly, it sounds just incredible.