Monday, November 06, 2006

Update to SOAR shopping post

I learned how to make words into links in my posts - so I linked to each of the vendor's websites in my original post listing my purchases at SOAR. I am so moving into the technological world.

I always wondered how people put all those links in their posts and now I know how to do it too.

woo, and also, hoo.


Tammy said...

Hi Barbara:

It was fun meeting you at SOAR.

Thank you for the link to my seriously out of date website; now the pressure is really on to update it. If I can just figure out how to do that using my new (2 yr old, or is it 3) computer. Eeek!

I did it today. I ordered the new Louet Victoria and should receive it next month. There goes what I earned at SOAR. Now I'll have a wheel suitable for plane travel.

Take care,

McKenzie Alpaca Breeders, LLC.

janel said...

Barbara! Your laceweight is exquisite! much prettier in person than when you described it to me, and it sounded good when you described it! I had such a good time at SOAR, I'm sad it's over. I will definitely be there next year, and now that I'm subscribed to your blog, we can keep in touch all year!

Julie said...

I just found your blog - I was searching for "Thomas Creations" and there you were. I'm in Tucson - hello, almost-neighbor! I want to come up and play in your fiber room. Looks like a blast! I've been spinning, and loving it, for a while now, and only wish I had more time (tonight I get 2 hours of uninterupted time at the wheel). Nice to meetcha!

Dharma said...

So much easier isn't it than not linking or cutting and pasting the info that someone then needs to cut and paste. I love links!