Sunday, November 05, 2006

Stash enhancement project

This doesn't look like much does it?

Even spread out, it's not really that much.

Left to right top: three 4 ounce braids of superwash, 2 ounces of camel down, one ounce of alpaca, two 4 ounce bumps of alpaca/silk/cashmere, 2 lbs of chocolate polworth

Left to right bottom: 4 ounces dyed tussah, two 4 ounce braids of optim, two more 1 ounce samples of alpaca, two 4 ounce braids of merino tencel, three different 1 ounce cashmere samples


Jen said...

Yummy!!!! It all looks great!!

Stephanie said...

Naw....that's not much at all. You'll have to try harder next year.
(nice to meet you!)

CateK said...

It doesn't LOOK like much, but these small bits will turn into wonderful things, no doubt. Perhaps someday I will get the opportunity to attend SOAR. I can't wait to hear more about the things you learned there.