Thursday, November 02, 2006

SOAR update

The flight was uneventful, but the altitude is getting to me pretty hard this year. I had a headache all day yesterday and was sick to my stomach after dinner last night.

I met some wonderful women yesterday. Re-connected with Shirley from Lambspun that I took the Deb Menz workshop with last year and met Maggie Sefton who has written some mystery novels set in the Lambspun shop. Now I have to run out and get her books - she may have some here as she is doing a book signing.

I also met a woman from St Louis MO on the ride from the airport. Again, I will have to look an see what her name is today as it escapes me from yesterday.

A nice girl name Michele came from Winnepeg - met her at the airport. Her luggage didn't arrive with her - what a bummer that must be. Luckily she is meeting her mother here and her luggage may come soon.

I keep running into a woman that is also staying in my building, but cannot remember her name for anything. I'll look for her at breakfast and commit it to memory - she was so nice to me at dinner last night.

I saw some of the Arizona contingent and said hi to Susan.

I'm looking forward to market today. I've set aside lots to spend and am determined to spend it all. I want another polworth fleece and some more rovings from Royale Hare. I will probably spend quite a bit at Lambspun too. Her stuff was so pretty last year, I kicked my self for not getting more of everything.

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