Monday, October 02, 2006

Hand painted silk

Here is the 4 ounces of silk I painted yesterday.

The cushings dyes I have are very old and I wonder if they are not performing correctly. I may have mixed the violet weaker than the other colors. I did use all three of these in the last dyeing day and made the mistake of not mixing the whole packet at once.

Next time I will mix up the whole packet of dye with water and just dilute enough for the weight I am dyeing that day.

Anyway, the burgundy did come out very brown and the violet is pinker than I think it should be, the color did not penetrate all the way to the center of the roving in some places. I am not sure if it will be what I want to use to ply with the charcoal polworth, I was looking for saturated color for that, but I like it and will spin it up. Perhaps I can ply it with the light grey polworth. I wonder which one the colors will pop better with? Posted by Picasa


rita said...

ooooooooooo...absolutely gorgeous...have you tried jacquard dyes? they're really super. I have played with cushing and gotten super pretty results as well

Cath (bit) said...

OH! Be still my heart!!!! What gorgeous colors!!!