Wednesday, October 11, 2006

plying the grey polworth

Plying and plying and plying some more. The never ending cobweb weight polworth grey singles. This is 6.5 ounces of the light grey polworth that I purchased from at SOAR last year.

I have to ply this on my Louet S-10, even though the ratios on it are lower, because the bobbins are the only thing I have that will hold this entire ball plyed back on itself.

It filled the Majacraft bobbin to within 1/4" of the top, so I had to find something with a bigger bobbin to ply this onto.

This is not plyed tightly enough, I have to watch it very carefully to ensure that I have enough twist prior to letting it wind onto the bobbin. The singles are very stale to prevent tangling while plying from a ball, this makes it impossible to check for balanced plying by just looking at the way the yarn hangs.

I should have taken a piece for a sample before I started, but did not. Posted by Picasa


Cathie (bit) said...

Oh, darlin, I DO love your blog!! My word you are amazing, and these fibers and colors... oh my!! I come every couple of days to see what's new and I always love what I find.

You are such an inspiration!

CateK said...

I see lace in this...

You do wonderful work! I am very inspired to keep working as well.