Sunday, October 15, 2006

More polworth carded

I demo'd for about 4 hours yesterday at the Mesa SW Museum with some members of my Mesa Guild - The Telarana Weavers and Spinners.

I was asked to bring my drum carder and show how wool was/is processed. I brought along some more of the never ending grey polworth and between the children that stopped by and I, we managed to card up about 16 ounces.

Ruth and I experimented with dizing from the drum carder and here is the roving we produced from that.

I have already started spinning this on my Lendrum. It wants to be a bulky lofty yarn and I am having to concentrate to keep from spinning it finer.

This roving turned out so well, that I re-carded all the batts and pulled rovings from them all.

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Sara said...

Hi Barbara,

Thaks for the comment on my blog. The silk is for class materials, I am not a vendor. Maybe some day though!

See you at SOAR,