Friday, July 06, 2007

Another pair of socks

My sister Bonnie is such a little foot and her feet get cold easily, so even though she lives down here in the desert (or HELL as I usually call it) I made her some wool socks

The yarn is Noveau Riche from Knitivity and the pattern is a chevron with an eyelet rib. I liked the look of the chevron on the Jaywalker sock, but I knit socks toe up and that made the chevron point the other way. I also wanted a more open look, so I changed the increase from a Kfb to a YO which created a wonderful eyelet rib running up the center - but you can only see it when the sock is on the foot.

It's knit over 60 stitches, toe up, magic cast on, YO short row heel.

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