Monday, July 30, 2007

My Real Age

Very interesting quiz that asks a bunch of questions to add and subtract years from your chronological age to determine your real age.

I don't know that I feel 20 years younger - my 30's were hard years..... hmmm - maybe that means I get to take it easier now?


Bobbie said...

Hmm, my bio age is 50 but my real age is 28.5. I'm not sure I feel half my age, but I sure don't feel 50. 50? Egads! However, my life expectancy is 97.5. It'll be you and me in the old folks home together! If I'm still knitting, will you still be spinning?

Rissa said...

Our life expectancy is about the same but my real age is about 22...which is funny since I am really 41. :-)