Sunday, July 08, 2007

Portland Visit - Day 1

Wah!!! I took photos, but am using my work computer and cannot download or upload....

pics will be added at the end of the trip or whenever I figure out how to post flickr photos to blogger. Usually I post pics from PicasaWeb and that works fine.

Anyway - a great time today. DeVia and I met Melissa B, Duffy, Gary, and Mary for lunch at Dan and Louis. It was so nice to see Melissa and Duffy again, to meet Gary and Mary for the first time and to give DeVia a small glimpse of the excitement generated when two or more knitters are gathered together.

After leaving Dan and Louis, we headed towards the yarn store, but stopped at Starbucks first for a chai and bit of a knit.

We then went to Knit Purl for the PDX Knit Blogger meet up. Bobbie invited me to join them and conferred on me honorary PDX knit blogger status. The store personnel could not have been more welcoming - there ending up being about 25 of us and they handled it very well.

DeVia hung out for a little while and then headed to Powells. She came back for the ending and was recognized as the outstanding fiber enabler that she is.

There was chocolate, yarn fondling, pattern oohing and aahing.... I can't begin to remember everyone's names - Kathy wrote them all down (including blogs). 3 other knitters were working on the Mystery Stole 3 - I had to put mine away as I just could not concentrate on the lace and talk too.


Kathy said...

Hey there! It was so nice meeting you and getting a chance to talk a bit. You'll have to convince your other half to get you out this way more often :-)

MonicaPDX said...

Well, now that you're an Offishal Honorary PDX Knit Blogger - yeah, what Kathy said! ;) Loved your story about coming to see Stephanie here. And you know, you've got to get back simply because not all of us managed to talk to everyone there. See? The logic follows.

(LOL, Blogger is apparently in a Polish mood today - I'd swear 'pojozhji' is a real word! If I knew any Polish. Yes, I'm easily amused.)