Sunday, July 15, 2007

Finished Socks

My sister Juanita spotted this yarn as soon as it came into my house from Ray and put her name on the ball band - so here are Juanita's socks...

Superwash merino and nylon - toe up with the figure 8 cast on and the YO short row heel - my standard sock recipe - the stitch pattern is an offset broken rib that I unvented to show off the colors. the instep and leg are knit as follows: k2 p2 for three rows, k for two rows, p2 k2 for three rows and repeat. The gauge for this stitch pattern kept the yarn in stripes rather than any pooling. Juanita really likes them, she put them on even though it was 110 degrees yesterday. Said they are the most comfortable socks she has ever worn

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rita said...

awesome socks...i've been working on a pair for entirely too long...i just have to kitchner the second one tho...and then i'm done. YAY