Sunday, July 15, 2007

Yarn P0rn

Look at what was waiting for me when I got back from Portland..... It almost made coming back ok in a small, non-heat related way.

This is two more huge skeins of sock yarn from Ray. I just can't say enough about this yarn. My favorite LYS just placed an order from him - so now I can go fondle his yarns before buying them!

My first order from Knit Picks. I've heard lots of great stuff about their yarns from Melissa, and met the owner at the PDX Knit Bloggers meet up. So here are 3 pairs of socks just waiting their turn.

This is some test yarn sent to me by the distributor so that I can knit it up and give my opinion. Who'da thunk it?


Bobbie said...

So, people just send you yarn, out of the blue, for free????? Where do I sign up for this??????

Natalie said...

I see you bought the Dancing/Hula from Knit Picks. I think I'm actually in love with that yarn color. It reminds me of two things: rubber duckies in a tub and more seriously a pond full of koi. I am knitting my first pair of socks with that.

N. Maria said...

You can't hear me but I am oooing and ahhing. I LOVE looking at other people's yarn!!! Love it!

Dharma said...

Yarn yumminess