Saturday, July 07, 2007

Taking the do even shorter

Hey - hair is fiber!

It's too dang hot and I decided to take my hair even shorter. I did not want to get my hair cut like Annie's, but really wanted to go shorter than it was.

Luckily I got an appointment this morning and went to see Robin at Jacar. She is so good about really hearing what I am trying to say about my hair.

Look at this great cut!

They take before and after pics. I'm not showing the before, cause only my hairdresser should see my hair like that. As it is, I'm thinking that pic should not really be posted on the WORLD WIDE WEB - lol.....

Off to Portland in a few hours. Yippee! We are meeting some knit sibs for lunch tomorrow and then doing a small yarn crawl.

DeVia has to work Monday and Tuesday, but I will be roaming the city. PDX - look out!

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