Monday, July 16, 2007

Progress report for two projects

I am knitting socks for my sweet Sarah out of the Panda Wool yarn in Red Cinnamon colorway. My intention is to knit a ruffle at the top from a knit ribbon yarn that amazingly matches it almost exactly. I made sure the first sock fit her to the heel yesterday before starting the second one. Here are both of them so far.

I have 10 more rows to go on clue two, perhaps I will be able to start clue 3 tomorrow. This photo is not true to the color of the handspun I am using for this. What appears to be green is actually a blue/teal color.


Bobbie said...

How was the trip to Woodland Woolworks? Did you take home souveniers? :)

Miss Purl said...

I love the socks the colors look lovely.


rita said...

love the socks! great colors and so pretty!

Bobbie said...

You've been awfully quiet lately. Everything ok?