Sunday, July 01, 2007

Insidious LYS

I ran a couple of errands yesterday - I needed a couple of dpn point protectors that I can only get at one LYS and needed to replace a broken brittany size one at the Place I Love. It was only going to be a couple of quick stops, cause I wanted to get home and start the second chevron sock for my sister.

It was a quick trip at the first place - they have just moved and are always too busy for me to feel comfortable there. When I got to the second store, I got my needle replaced and Terry started showing me the new yarns. I showed her the sock I finished out of Ray's yarn and we started talking. Then I sat down at the table and the next thing I know there are a few people around.

I showed a couple of people how to do the magic cast on and by 7:30 or so had finished the foot of my sister's sock.

I am not sure how, but this yarn followed me home.

I have not knit with cotton blends before, but I love the colors. The single skein is a ribbon yarn that I experimented with that forms ruffles when you knit it. It matches the sock yarn exactly and I am going to put some ruffles at the top of the socks I am going to knit for Maegan. Pink is her favorite color. It's all I can do not to cast them on right now, but I am determined to finish this other sock first.

I have also decided that the knit/spin from stash 2007 does not include sock yarn - thanks Wendy.


Adrienne said...

Its very pretty!!

Bobbie said...

We'd be tickled to have you join us as an honorary member! There have been a few small meet ups since the Harlot was here; I'll see if we can't get a bigger group together while you're here, maybe downtown near the Square so people can come on MAX. I'll keep you posted on my progress. FYI: bobbie_wallace AT comcast DOT net.